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Pastured Poultry

Roasted chicken w/garnish

Pastured Broilers

Our chickens and turkeys are raised in a natural, safe environment, which is good for both them and the land. By giving our birds a fresh patch of grass and lots of sunshine and fresh air, they are happy and healthy. Our own health is protected because we're not working in a dust-ridden, unhealthy confinement building.

When you purchase our poultry, you come to the farm to pick them up. You can see how we operate, and get to know the source of your food. Our chickens are whole and fresh when you arrive.

Please consider ordering chickens for the entire year. If you were to eat one chicken a week, you would need 52! That requires freezer space for storage. We're not a grocery store, nor do you want us to be. Chicken raised outside is seasonal. For the best possible health of the bird, the grower and you, we pay attention to God's seasonal patterns.

Pastured Eggs


Our hens are out in the pasture with our cows. They range around, finding delicious morsels all over the ground while pulling apart the cow patties, thereby spreading the fertilizing properties throughout the pasture without the use of fossil fuels! Synergies in God's creation are fully utilized to bring you farm-fresh, healthy eggs, from happy birds.

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American Pastured Poultry Producers Association