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News Items

The collection of links below are to various news items which are related to food. These are presented for information. Pilgrims' Acres does not necessarily endorse or promote any of the conclusions of the authors.

Empty foods for a 'Hay belly nation'

Pilgrims' Acres supplying Pastured Poultry and Free-Range Eggs to Fair Shares CSA

Food Costs Rising Fastest in 17 Years; Monday April 14, 4:10 pm ET; By Ellen Simon, AP Business Writer; Food Costs Rising at Fast Clip, Squeezing Poor, Forcing Food Vendors to Explain Higher Prices

"U.S. households still spend a smaller chunk of their expenses for foods than in any other country -- 7.2 percent in 2006, according to the USDA. By contrast, the figure was 22 percent in Poland and more than 40 percent in Egypt and Vietnam."

Skyrocketing price of food has consumers scrambling By Georgina Gustin ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH 01/27/2008

St. Louis Post Dispatch Editorial on Animal Antibiotic treatment leading to Superbugs