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Grass-fed Raw Milk


Pilgrims' Acres Raw Jersey Milk is produced antibiotic and artificial hormone free! Our Jersey cattle are raised in an all natural environment. We use an intensive grazing pattern, which helps us to keep our pastures sanitary from parasites as well as giving our cattle a fresh salad bar to graze. It also helps us to better manage the growth of our grass to ensure the longest grazing season.

We milk our cows in a very clean milking parlor designed to be washed down following each milking. A regular CMT (California Mastitis Test) is done to make sure that the cows are healthy and that the milk is clean. We also use a Surge Bucket Milker to ensure that the milk stays as clean as possible during the milking process. We do feed a very small amount of oats, along with a probiotic and mineral supplement, for a little treat during milking. The very small amount of grain is used because we have rescued these cows from corn-fed dairies. Denying them grain now is detrimental to their health, because they have become accustomed to it. We do not use corn, and feed less than 1% body weight per day.

From the parlor, the milk travels in sealed containers to the dairy, where we run the milk through a fine filter. Then the milk goes directly into the jars and is cooled to 45˚ very quickly to ensure good flavor. This cooling process also causes the jar to attain an air tight seal.

We sell our Raw milk year around and would encourage a weekly pick up, but may also work out a biweekly pick up. Our milk is in glass jars that have been washed and sanitized in very hot water. We regularly discard worn lids and replace them with new to ensure the milk’s preservation. When you come to the farm to pick up your milk, we invite you to tour our facilities.  Our customers are our best inspectors!

The Surge Bucket Milker

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Pilgrims' Acres, LLC, is a raw milk dairy operating under the exemptions available under Missouri Law.