Pilgrims' Acres
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Pigerator Pork


We raise our pastured pork antibiotic and artificial hormone free! They get lots o' sunshine and unlimited access to grass and bugs.

One whole Pasture Raised Pork takes up about 3 cubic feet of space in a freezer.

Typical Cuts

This is what the Cutler Family orders:

-inch Pork Chops - Packages of 6
Quartered Cured Hams
Thick Sliced Cured Bacon in 1lb. Packages
Spare Ribs
Pork Loin End Roasts - 3 lbs. packages
of Sausage (salt & pepper seasoned) in Links - 6 to a package
of Sausage (salt & pepper seasoned) in Patties - 6 to a package
of Sausage (salt & pepper seasoned) in Bulk 1 lb. package
Cured Hocks (for Bean & Ham soup)
Pork Roasts - 3 lbs. packages


Package count/weight selectable
Pork Steaks (reduces roasts)
Cured Jowls (reduces sausage)
Breakfast Ham Slices (reduces hams)